write without the fight

Write Without the Fight. Keep the drama out of your life and get it into your stories (where it belongs.)

I’m ready to Write

Many writers think they need a grand battle to be creative. Wouldn’t it be nice if that weren’t true? Who says it is?

Write Without the Fight is a 12-week one-on-one and group coaching program where, together, we reveal and unravel where you fight yourself during the creative process: the piece-parts that make up your resistance to writing.
  • Writing is hard. (At least that’s what many writers choose to believe.)
  • And yet we all know there are times when writing is easy. It just flows.
Write Without the Fight will teach you how to skip over your “hard spots” and bridge from strength to strength. You’ll find your flow and feel when you’re about to put up a (stupid) fight. Once you feel the shift, you can ease yourself into a bigger space and begin to feel the creativity and freedom you crave. Know your own creative power through assessment, talk, tools, and training.

Who’s it for?

  • Perfectionists
  • “Can’t” find time to write
  •  Procrastinators, overeaters, overdrinkers, overthinkers.
  •  Too hard on yourself
  • Hate marketing, finding an agent, or selling your work

Why Write Without the Fight?

  • Know where and how best to implement your creativity for greatest effect.
  • See your creativity in its full measure.
  • Have new practices and tools that will propel your writing career.
  • Save yourself doubt, indecision, downtime.
  • Feel greater satisfaction as you create.
  • Feel calmer, clearer and more available for both your work and your life.

Write Without the Fight gives you the tools to smooth your creative process.

Write Without the Fight includes:

I’m ready to Write

assessment of your creativity
somone to tell about the icky voice in your head
new practices to propel your career
save yourself doubt and downtime
greater satisfaction as you create

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