work with julia

Decoding Creativity gives you the tools to get clicking instead of sticking.

Kiss the sturm and drang goodye and save the drama for the page.

Julia can help you get a clear view of how you create best and when you’re likely to get stuck. (Wouldn’t that be nice to know in advance?) You will learn a mix of science and boojum to help you find your best process and write with joy, even if you’re writing a harrowing story. Julia is a trained and empathetic creativity coach, who listens and guides the pesky voice in your head that keeps you stuck. She is also a Master in the science of creativity. (Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing.) She can give you clear cut, research-based insight into how to change what’s keeping you stuck. And she has developed an insightful, forward thinking community of writers – that can include you! She can help you navigate your obstacles ably, nay brilliantly. It’s easy to get started.



Get clear.

Of course you have questions, and wonder how this would work for you. Clients often start with a free Creative Clarity call with Julia. In the pre-work and during the call, we can figure out what’s causing your writing breakdowns – like procrastination, doubt, or playing it safe or small. Julia can help you find clarity on who you are, creatively.



Get personal.

Take the Creative Selfie,  three creativity assessments, and get a 360-degree view of your creative self. Seeing your creativity objectively  is like a fish becoming aware of water. You can suddenly see what is usually invisible – how you think, what your creative strengths and struggles are. And you can see where to “swim” next, because we rank what matters most to you, so you can find the audiences and arenas where you’ll be valued. To find out what it’s like to take the Creative Selfie – listen to a panel of three people who talk about taking the Creative Selfie.



Get help.

Join a Write Without the Fight group for creativity coaching and an intelligent, self-aware writers’ community. Get back in the real game – figure out what’s holding you up, where you’ll find ease and satisfaction, and what tools and ideas you need to tackle some of your biggest creativity challenges. In these 12-weeks, we’ll give you a whole bundle of help, including one-on-one coaching, group Q&A calls, prescriptive worksheets, fun creativity training and more – all to get you writing. You’ll bring your project from idea to product to pitch and launch using the new tools and mindset you gain.



Get your team writing, creating, producing again.

When there’s a group of writers – individually talented – who aren’t doing their best work, it is a problem of the whole, and not of the one. Sub-optimal writing and ego clashes go undiscussed, undiagnosed, unremedied. Creative group assessment can truly help individual writers – and the group as a whole – gain a bigger perspective on their individual and group creative process. The results are eye-opening (and fun).



Inspire and Inform.

When writers learn about the underlying science behind their creative process, they are empowered. They see themselves not as flawed but as undiagnosed, in the dark. With a little help and expert insight they see they can transform their process to run much more smoothly. They can train themselves to get into flow. They can write where they were once blocked.



Get ongoing training.

All Write Without the Fight clients have access to the Decoding Creativity Training Hub, where you’ll find a video series about the universal creative process model, called Deliberate Creativity, and a highly popular application of the process, The Reluctant Marketer, which helps creative people reengage their creativity when it comes time to market their work. The Reluctant Marketer helps writers with marketing tasks like finding an agent, promoting a book, using social media and more.