about decoding

Decode the underlying science of what makes you tick and become more productive, less distracted and happier overall.

Introducing Deliberate Creativity.

Is your writing project in a ditch on the side of the road? Deliberate Creativity is a map of how the creative process works in the human brain. It’s like an owner’s manual for your creativity. And like any manual, it can live in your glove compartment, ignored, when everything is firing on all cylinders. But when you stall or see an ominous warning light, get out your Deliberate Creativity model and get right back on track.

Deliberate Creativity may seem like a false promise – like EZ Weight Loss – but it is not. Deliberate Creativity is built on the work of hundreds of scientists and thousands of studies focused on how to enhance creative thinking and outcomes. This body of knowledge is usually taken into the business world to spur innovation. Julia Roberts, an expert in the modality, has customized these tools and is pioneering their use to help individual creators, and in particular: writers.

Have you lost your creative way?

  • because pressure – afraid you won’t measure up?

  • because boredom – you’re stuck doing something you hate?

  • because time – way too busy to find time to write?

  • because ideas – too many to sort through?

  • because failure – been down this road before?

Deliberate Creativity is a map, and a deceptively simple model that can help you predict your pitfalls, figure out where you are, and give you tools and techniques to get moving again. It can be a lifesaver whenever your normal creativity sputters out.

It’s time to decode. The answer is  there for you.